Monday, September 28, 2015

I called Mr. Disappointment =o

     September is ending and  still can`t believe it! There was a knock today and when I looked out the window , saw Mr. Disappointment with Mrs.  Discouragement with flowers .  Maybe I called them when I crumpled my sketch pad?  Or when I shouted inside my head? Gad! They`re really fast!

      Did they drop by your house?  Did you shut the door or you welcomed them like long awaited guests and served cola instead? Hmm..  I`m guilty sometimes too.  They look familiar and it feels like they want to listen to my whining.  Mind you, they even sleep here overnight and sometimes have free lodging with me for months! True.  You`re not alone you know.

      I had plans for this month but  need to extend a little so.  This state frustrates me but I guess we cannot move forward  and straighten the situation unless we have the patience to untangle the present knot.  That relieves me.  So I have to accept the moment and be hopeful that  tomorrow will be less complicated than today. But if it`s not, I`m praying that my heart will pump more understanding than hastiness. With that, I`ll be able to confront my delay with gratefulness rather than remorse.
     Ps♥ Delete their numbers. Email me instead! ;)

You may have to fight a battle
more than once to win it.

Margaret Thatcher